To support this, the company organized a training program at the Synetik LLP training center, focusing on "Building visualization and control subsystems using the WinCC package." This course caters to engineers and programmers in the field of visualization systems for technological processes who wish to acquire knowledge about the WinCC system.

During this training, two KUS Partnership employees, Nurlybek Guluman, a DCS specialist, and Nurbolat Farikhov, an engineer of DCS and I&C, expanded their understanding of WinCC's structure and operational principles. They delved into constructing information visualization systems, creating data archives, presenting information through graphs and tables, designing a process status messaging system, developing reports, and exploring various other features of information systems.

Upon successful completion of the course, the employees received certificates. Importantly, this knowledge will empower them to develop and implement intricate automation systems for technological processes at the plant.