Gas turbine power plant – designed to provide participants of the SEZ NIPT with electric energy and high-pressure steam.

The main fuel for production of electric energy and steam is fuel gas from the main gas pipeline "Makat-North Caucasus", ethane is provided as a reserve fuel, which, if necessary, will be purchased from the KLPE LLP (participant of the SEZ NIPT), after its commissioning.

Installation of water treatment and wastewater treatment is designed to provide participants of the SEZ NIPT with demineralized, desalinated and industrial fire-fighting water, as well as for wastewater treatment from these participants.

The main raw material for water production is river water from the Astrakhan-Mangyshlak main water pipeline.

Sales market

Consumers are enterprises located in the SEZ NIPT, excess electric energy is sent to external consumers from Atyrau, West Kazakhstan and Mangystau regions.

Demineralized, desalinated and industrial fire-fighting water is sold to consumers located in the SEZ NIPT.

Main suppliers of raw materials

  • KazTransGas Aimak JSC - supply of fuel gas for the production of electric energy.
  • Main Waterline LLP - supply of river water for water production.