With the rapid advancements in technology, the significance of information security in production grows more vital each day. Acknowledging this, KUS LLP took steps to support its employees by providing training in the fundamentals of information security.

Specifically, the Partnership's employees—Zhaksylyk Mungatov, Lead Engineer of IT&T, and Aset Sisengaliev, Head of the Information Technologies and Telecommunications Department—participated in training in this field at the International Business Academy. The course, titled "Fundamentals of Information Security," aimed to acquaint participants with the modern approach to information security (IS), highlighting the importance of IS for successful enterprise implementation. It focused on explaining the key stages of developing and implementing an IS management system and introduced the main principles of the world's leading IS standards.

Upon completion of the course, the Partnership's employees enhanced their understanding of the ISO/IEC 27001-2013 standard, mechanisms for applying these standards, basics of constructing an IS management system, and the implementation of information security management systems in production facilities.